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The personalised shopping experience is a complimentary service offered by our Christmas shop assistants, to guide you in the right direction of what you should and shouldn’t purchase. We help you by understanding the design of your interior, and according to that, we suggest the right decor. Apart from which items to purchase, we will also give you some tricks on how to decorate and the ideal sizes you would need.

Reasons to use
our personalised

Personalised Suggestions

Our experts will give you Christmas decor suggestions based on your interior and any other reference of decor that you like.

Professional Christmas Decor Advice

We’ll give you professional advice on what to get and what not to get for your interior. Our experts have years of experience in the decor field based on which we give you professional advice.

Ultimate Christmas Checklist

We help you cover all the items you need in your Christmas checklist without having to visit us multiple times, even though we wouldn’t mind seeing you for some touchups or other services.

Faster Shopping Experience

Because our consultants are there to facilitate you, they help you pick the right products for your homes, office, or businesses. This lets you shop for all the things you need in less time.

Inspiration from
our Christmas Shop

Our Christmas shop Malta has the best interior and designs that you can take inspiration from! Our expert retail assistants will help you get the perfect Christmas decor design according to your interior, so don’t worry if you’re still undecided, we can help!

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The best thing is that there’s no additional fee, it’s included!
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