Common Mistakes You’re Doing When Decorating Your Christmas Tree

As we get closer to Christmas we start receiving many photos from satisfied customers and their creations using our exclusive and unique Christmas décor, we love it so make sure to keep them coming! The main thing is that we frequently notice mistakes which many seem to do, and probably this would include you.

We’ve compiled a list of common mistakes when decorating your Christmas tree, now that you’ll know about them make sure to correct or keep in mind for next Christmas.

Opening of branches

Unfortunately the most common mistake is the technique or lack of when opening branches of the Christmas tree. We know many of our Christmas trees have a lot of braches and leaves, which indicates a very good quality tree but it is important to open and stretch all braches properly.

This will ensure that the tree looks fuller, wiring of lights will show less and more space to hang your beautiful ornaments. Take your time when opening braches and make sure to use a seat and a ladder to reduce exhaustion.

Tree size

The size of the tree is essential, you don’t want it cramped nor do you want it to look small in the space, many do know how to make this distinction. The issue is that when they measure the height of the floor from the ceiling they get the biggest possible tree, which shouldn’t be done as it won’t leave space for the tree topper.

Purchasing the perfect Christmas tree isn’t easy at all, so we understand if you made this mistake, but if you still haven’t make sure to check out our guide on how to purchase the perfect Christmas tree.

Too much or too little Christmas lights

When it comes to lights there is no set of rules but you don’t want to overdo it nor under do it. Over doing it will lead to too much light which will defuse the Christmas tree shape and décor, too little will not showcase the beauty of the Christmas tree.

Make sure that you balance your lights and most importantly don’t mix colours. If you already have a prelit, you can still add lights to balance, especially if you’re going to fill your tree with loads of ornaments.

Distribute your lights evenly

Having two or more sets of lights isn’t a crime, in fact we frequently use a mix and match of around 3 different types of lights. The common mistake is that instead of distributing each light throughout the tree, you start from the top with one light and end at the bottom with another.

If you’ve already done this mistake, you might have noticed that an area is more lit then the other. This is common because each set of lights has different lighting properties and therefore it will never match, evenly distributing each light will ensure that this doesn’t happen and if it does make sure to amend before placing any ornaments.

Decorating randomly

When decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, you might have a tub filled with ornaments and you simply grab the first thing and start putting them on the tree. The issue with this is that certain décor won’t be scattered as they should.

What we suggest is that you divide all your ornaments according to the specific design, and when decorating use the entire set to ensure you distribute throughout the Christmas tree, this way no decor will be near each other.

How to properly decorate your Christmas tree

We only showcased the most common mistakes we see, knowing about these potential mistakes you’re doing will certainly help but there’s more to it. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we’re soon posting on how to decorate your Christmas trees like professional and more tips and tricks.

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